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How does it work?

The process of vacuum pressing is very simple. A vacuum is created in a vacuum bag or frame press by a vacuum pump, thus Atmospheric pressure is used as the working force. Atmospheric pressure is the actual weight of the air around us, about 14.7 pounds per square inch (PSI), this equates to 1 ton per square foot of working pressure! The complete system includes a vacuum pump connected with a hose to a vacuum bag or frame press with either a platen or evacuation material to facilitate the withdraw of air- that's all. To use the system place your parts inside the press, turn on the pump. Within seconds your work will be perfectly vacuum pressed, without any hassle at all.

Your parts will be pressed smooth and wrinkle-free every time. The uniform pressure eliminates shifting and air pockets, creating perfectly smooth parts with consistent predictable results.

Another advantage is air is drawn out of substrates, allowing deeper adhesion. This creates an even excellent bond with minimum waste of adhesives.

Vacuum Press Illustration with platen(board with grid)
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