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We offer a wide selection of Vacuum Bag Presses in standard and custom sizes and Vacuum Frame Presses with or without platens. The benefits of using vacuum pressing enable you to save time, reduce cost, improve quality and achieve projects that might otherwise be impractical.

Vacuum Pressing Benefits

•   Cost effective- cuts your working time to a finished a product in half
•   Bent laminations require only a single form, so you get ½ the jigging time
•   Versatile - allows pressing large, flat surfaces and curved work
•   Even pressure distribution - no wrinkles or bubbles in your parts
•   Absolutely reliable, producing smooth consistent results
•   Allows inspection and adjustment of work in process
•   Vacuum draws glue into substrate for faster and better adhesion
•   Veneer will not be marred or slide out of alignment while pressure is applied
•   Wide variety of applications - opens the door to a multitude of design options

New from VLT

Smaller size frame presses
Heated Vacuum Frame Press

Please contact us so we can help you select the right system to meet your needs and fit your budget. Our Warranty and Returns policy can be downloaded from the contact page


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