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Vacuum Clamp

The Vacuum Clamp connects to the vacuum pump or generator and provides a quick way to clamp flat panels in any shape and size to your workbench or to other surfaces. It may be used for unobstructed routing, sanding, planning and other work holding applications.

It clamps your work to the workbench with a force of 1 ton per square foot, yet the soft gasket does not mar the work. The clamp simplifies complex clamping operations, reducing clamping time to seconds.

The system includes a tough plastic baseplate with a gasket on both sides, hose, and a quick-disconnect fitting making it easy to set up and use. The gasket is easily reshaped to accommodate various sizes and shapes of work. The clamp is available in two sizes and can be used with any of our vacuum pumps or generators. If the clamp is used with our regulated vacuum pumps we recommend adding our portable vacuum tank (VT 10) to the system to prevent frequent cycling of the pump.


•  Fast - less than 1 second clamping time
•  Powerful - 1 Ton per square foot
•  Gentle - does not mar work
•  Portable - can be used on top of any smooth workbench
•  Versatile - use it to route, plane, sand, finish and other holding applications



 Baseplate Size (in)

 Tank Capacity

 Clamping Force


 VC 12


 10 gal

 1 Ton


Evacuation Materials, Films and Fabrics

Evacuation materials are used for allowing air to escape the vacuum press freely to permit proper pressure to be applied to the working surface. We offer a variety of cloths and meshes to achieve proper evacuation with different temperature resistance and textures for a variety of applications. Our evacuation meshes may be used in place of the platen when a rigid working surface would impede forming curved work, or it may be used when cutting a grid into the platen is undesirable. One particular application for our mesh is making staircase rails. In certain applications where the materials are too soft and a pattern transfer from the mesh or grid pattern is undesirable such as in the case of manufacturing heater blankets, our cloths may be used for evacuation.

Films and fabrics are used as a barrier between your work and the press material or breather to keep from adhering, avoid pattern transfer, or to protect the press material from punctures. Films and fabrics may also be needed to prevent certain adhesives such as epoxies from attacking and breaking down the press material causing premature failure.





 Dimensions (Inches)

 *Price  (per foot)




 36" Wide, .050" Thick





 48" Wide, .100" Thick





 60" Wide, .125" Thick










 60" Wide, .0015" Thick












*$5.00 handing charge per order.

Bag Manifolds

The use of bag manifolds allows the operation of two or three bags or Vacuum Frame Presses with one pump or vacuum generator. A manifold with extra bags increases productivity and makes optimum use of the vacuum source. They are easily attached to the pump and bags with quick disconnect.

Accessory List:




 MB 2

 2 bags manifold, high flow


 MB 3

 3 bags manifold, high flow


 FP 1

 Foot operated pump switch 120V


 QD 25

 Quick disconnect kit 1/4 npt


 QD 38

 Quick disconnect kit 3/8 npt





 7" Rubber roller(Out of stock)



 Polyurethane roller for 7" Spreader



 Silicone Patch Kit with 3 oz RTV



 Polyurethane bag patch kit








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