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The latest development from VLT is the Vacuum Frame Press. This press answers the demand from our customers for a top loading vacuum press with easy access. It is designed to make the process of vacuum pressing even faster and easier. Just place the glue-coated parts or laminations on the platen, close the frame over the parts, turn on the pump and within seconds your parts are pressed under the flexible silicone rubber membrane. Nothing can be simpler or faster then this. The press can handle both flat and curved parts with ease and can press different sized and shaped parts at the same time.

The heart of the system is a tough yet flexible silicone rubber membrane and a special "V" seal(compare to foam gasket) that are attached to a one piece welded aluminum tubular frame(compare to a kit). Because we use the frame itself to draw the air from the press around the perimeter of the work, very fast operation is achieved. The frame is hinged to a aluminum platen. Counter-balance gas springs are mounted between the platen and the frame for effortless closing and opening of the frame. A large diameter vacuum hose connects the frame to the vacuum pump. Everything is carefully designed to provide "Free Breathing" of the system to achieve the fastest possible evacuation rates.See warranty on contact page.

The high operating temperature of the silicone rubber membrane permits the use external heat source such as infrared heaters to speed up the drying of glue, cutting pressing cycles time to 5-10 minutes when using PVA glue.

Typical Applications:

•  Pressing veneers on flat and curved surfaces
•  Bonding aluminum sheets to foam insulation
•  Application of plastic laminates to countertops
•  Production of veneered table tops
•  Manufacturing parts for musical instruments
•  Laminating curved chair backs over a form
•  Manufacturing silicone heaters
•  Manufacturing solar panels
•  Thermoforming plastics
•  Prosthetics
•  Autoclave operations
•  Sublimation process

•  Versatile - press both flat panels and bent laminations
•  Fast - short set-up time and very fast evacuation
•  Uniform pressure provides smooth consistent results
•  Easy to operate top loading design
•  Precision aluminum platen
•  No wrinkles due to very flexible silicone membrane
•  Silicone membrane allows the use of heaters to speed up the process



 Press Capacity

 Inside Frame Dimensions

 Price without platen and  pump

 VFP 12

 12 x 12"

 15 x 15"


 VFP 24

 24 x 20"

 27 x 23"


 VFP 30

 48 x 30"

 51 x 33"


 VFP 48

 48 x 48"

 51 x 51"


 VFP 72

 72 x 48"

 75 x 51"


 VFP 97

 97 x 48"

 101 x 51"


 VFP 121

 121 x 48"

 125 x 51"



Certified US made silicone rubber. See material selection on bag page

Elongation of membrane:

630 -1100% depending on the selected membrane

Maximum temperature:

400° F(membrane only). A Hi temp hardware kit is available.

Membrane thickness:

.085" standard. Optional .060" and .125"


.250" or .375" aluminum plate with mesh evacuation

Lift mechanism:

Counter-balance gas springs

Vacuum Source:

Vacuum pump through one piece frame

Pressing cycle:

40 minutes at 70° F with PVA glue

5 minutes at 200° F with PVA glue

Auxiliary heat sources such as infrared heaters, heat lamps, or heating blankets may be used to reduce the cycle time. The press can be purchased either with or without the aluminum platen. A manifold can be used to operate several presses with one pump.

Prices do not include freight or taxes(California residents only). Contact us for a quote.

Heated Frame Presses

Utilizing a heater mounted beneath the .250" aluminum platen proivides a heat source up to 300`F. A benchtop digital temperature controller is provided to control temperture of an adjustable set point in 1 degree increments. Other adjustable parameters are hysteresis, ambient probe adjustment, and a alarm to alert over or under set points. Includes Hi temperature hose with release valve. The .085" silicone membrane is standard, optional membrane material and thickness as indicated above. Available in 120 or 220V models.



 Press Capacity

 Price without  pump

 HVFP 12

 12 x 12"


 HVFP 24

 24 x 20"


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